E Hookah Changes How People Smoke

The vaping technology is nothing to new to some of us, but for some of us, we might still not not know what they are and how they work. We often associate smoking with these vaping products, however these products weren’t always intended for smokers. You should have an idea if you have ever smoked hookah before, it does not necessarily mean you’re a smoker, but you can still occasionally enjoy hitting the hookah pipe when you’re out with some friends. The same applies for the electronic hookah, in this article, we will be using the Fantasia e hookah as an example.

fantasia e hookah

Similarly to how electronic cigarettes work, these pens contain several components that make it work the way that they do, and the combination of these mechanisms allow you to create vapor. The vapors that you inhale and exhale are often comprised of food flavoring and Propylene Glycerine. Although PG may sound like a very dangerous chemical, it can actually be found in a lot of packaged foods and the FDA deems it as safe to consume.

With the Fantasia e shisha pens, at a glance, they look like pen. The mouth piece is shaped very much like the traditional mouth pieces that you use when smoking from a hookah pipe. The other end houses a small light that turns on when you are inhaling, and blinks several times when the pen is running out of battery.

The main difference between this product and the traditional e cigarettes is primarily because of the nicotine content differences. E hookah pens generally do not contain any nicotine while e cigs often do. With many e cigs, you will find flavors that resemble the taste of tobacco. E shisha pen flavors are often fruit based, a combination of fruits, candies, or other foods. So next time you consider smoking traditional hookah tobacco, consider using the electronic version of it, it is a much safer and healthier alternative.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Changes Cannabis Culture

atmos junior herbal vaporizer

We are all familiar with cannabis, marijuana, and how it works. You roll it, smoke it, get high, and eat a lot. Even the world of smoking has now changed with the introduction of the dry herb vaporizer and other vape pens

This technology was introduced about two years ago and many smokers or users of the cannabis plant have already gotten on this bandwagon and technologically advanced their method of smoking weed.
No, the vaporizer is not a bluetooth enabled device that connects to your smartphone and tells you how much weed you’re smoking. There is actually no connectivity features on these devices and they are usually fairly simple but helps to make pot smoker’s lives easier and more convenient. Afterall, convenience is what we are always after, right?
If you have ever smoked weed before or seen people do it, and I mean the entire process of it including how the marijuana is broken down and rolled up. It is a long and very tedious process that requires a fair amount of time before you can even smoke it. The herbal vaporizer basically shortens that entire process. There is no rolling involved and no lighters involved either. You just put your herbs into a device that is shaped and looks like a high tech pen, and you press the ignition button, and inhale from the top tip.

atmos raw blue dry herb vaporizer
Aside from the vaporizers that are used for marijuana smoking, there are the ones that vaporize e liquids like the e shisha for example. These were designed for cigarette smokers and is offered as a healthy alternative. Yes, vaporizing liquid nicotine is safer than burning tobacco.

Technology Changing The Way We Travel

Are your or your family the type to always travel? If you do, this article could hold some useful information for you. Technology has changed world travel and made it that much easier. You can now check in to your hotel or flight from your smartphone. This is a feature that is convenient and saves us plenty of time so that we can shop around at the airport stores.

skype translate language barrier
Microsoft developed a software called Skype Translate. This allows two people to speak in different languages and for translations to be played back simultaneously. This is an amazing technological advancement that could very soon break the language barrier in the world! I’ve always wanted to live in a foreign country even for a short period of time, maybe a year or so. The language difference and the communication difficulties discouraged me. I’m a bit too old to learn a completely unfamiliar language. So far, this software can only translate between English and Spanish, but we should see more languages added within the next few years.
There are many smartphone apps that make our lives so much easier. One of the first apps that I got for world travel was a currency converter. I would just pull up the app and convert prices while I’m in the store. There is also Uber! You need a cab? Easy, use your smartphone app. You know exactly where you will be going, how much you are paying, and everything is in YOUR language! There also Google’s Open Table API which allows you to find restaurants from Google Maps and make reservations. Hopefully more restaurants will get on the Open Table API.

bluesmart smart suitcase
There is also a smart suitcase which also syncs up with your smartphone. It is not the little luggage that rolls on its own and follows you around, though that is a pretty cool thing too. The smart luggage can weigh itself (wow!) and lock/unlock via smartphone, and can be GPS tracked from your smartphone. This is a very high tech suitcase that most people probably won’t need unless they’re carrying a lot of valuables with them. It is a very cool option that we know we have.

Wearable Technology

fitbit force wearable technology

Wearable technology has becoming more of a fashion statement than it is a technological statement. We have seen countless pieces of wearable technology pieces but we were overall not too impressesd with them.
Wearable technology ranges from watches to eyewear to actual clothing. What we are all probably most familiar with are the watches including the FitBit. These watches are mostly used to tracking heart rates and other vitals that are easier to detect. And of course they also tell time.
Aside from the fitness watches, there are also smartwatches that can sync up with your smart phone. I personally think the smartwatches are pretty useless and is an uncessary and bulky luxury. It connects via bluetooth which will drain your smartphone’s battery fairly quickly. People use these to answer phone calls, check emails, social media profiles, or to tell time.I don’t believe you can actually play games on some of these smartwatches, but who would want to?
As I’ve mentioned earlier, there are clothing that are considered wearable technology. Of course, the idea of this is quite silly and is not very practical for personal use. There is a dress that lights up whenever you get a phone call. What this does for you? It’s a cry out for attention, or your vibration function on your smartphone does not work.

google glass beta
You might have heard of the Google glass which can display news articles on the glass, take pictures of up to 4 Megapixels and record up to 720P videos. Google released the Glass to beta testers at a premium price of $1,500 per set. Of course this brought them a lot of flack, and they were criticized heavily for the pricing of it and the quality of the product. The beta edition of the Glass has since then been taken off of the market. We should be seeing the Glass make it’s second debut soon.

3D Printing Changing the World

3d printing technology

The buzz of more recent years was 3D printing. It is a new technology that I could not have imagined a few years ago. Initially, I was not impressed by 3D printing since it seemed to only have been able to print simplistic models that had little to no use. I mean, what useful things can you really make out of plastic? I had a chess piece (knight) printed for me, and to my surprise, the quality of it was very good.
Well, lately we have been hearing about people printing cars and really amazing 3D models that actually serves a purpose.
The world of 3D printing is also changing as we speak and big companies such as Microsoft and Google have already developed devices that can scan a 3D object. You might have one of these at home as a matter of fact. The 3D scanning device that you might have at home is the X Box Kinnect. With the assistance of a 3D scanner, we are closer to bringing the full 3D printing experience home. Prior to this, people actually had to create computerized 3D models in their computer before they could print the object. Not everybody knows how to create 3D illustrations. They say that soon, we will be able to capture and create a 3D model by just taking a picture of it.
How 3D printing works is that usually the software that allows for the 3D printing will cut the model into many many different pieces. Usually these pieces are all horizontal, and it could take up to thousands of layers to make up a 3D model. If you’ve ever watched a video of 3D printing, you’ll see how the layers will be printed and stack atop one another until it reaches the top.
There are different types of 3D printers and even some you can get at home! Of course there are still the extremely expensive industrial sized printers that range over the hundred thousands. You can get a small one at home for under $100. Yes, you can 3D print at home! However, prior to purchasing one, you should do some research into it and find out all the requirements for you to properly print 3D models from home.